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College of Nursing


The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between the exercise of self-care agency, long-term medication self-efficacy and medication management in elderly, chronically ill home-bound individuals. The study seeks to answer the following hypotheses: (1) There is a positive relationship between level of self-care agency and level of medication management in elderly, chronically ill home-bound individuals; (2) Level of long-term medication behavior self-efficacy is a predictor of level of medication management in chronically 01, elderly, home-bound individuals. The study sought to answer the following question: What is the degree of variability in level of medication management that is attributable to self-care agency and long-term medication behavior self-efficacy in chronically ill, elderly, home-bound individuals? A descriptive, correlational design was used with a sample of home-bound individuals receiving home care nursing services and interventions toward medication management goal achievement. Revised forms of Kearney and Fleischer’s Exercise of Self Care Agency Scale; De Geest, Abraham, Gomoets, and Ever's Long-Term Medication Behavior Self-Efficacy Scale, and a demographic data collection tool was used to collect data from home care clients. A tool designed to collect nursing data about goal achievement was also used. Statistical analysis included correlational statistics and regressional analysis. Demographic data was also analyzed.


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