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Social Work (M.S.W.)

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School of Social Work


Social work by nature has always been a hands on type of profession. With the explosion of new technology, social workers are being called upon to utilize technology to intervene with clients. Telecommunication is technology which can bring programs and images of people from one place to another with the use of television screens and phone lines.

This study explored the effectiveness of the utilization of interactive video within a classroom setting for the purpose of social work intervention. The study examined the impact social work intervention has upon a sample of individuals diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease participating in an educational program through the use of interactive video.

Data suggests most participants appreciated an on-site presenter, however; it was not a determinant in if they would participate in the program. All participants found some level of satisfaction with interactive video.

This study was the first of its kind in terms of social work intervention. Utilization of interactive video by social work is young and in need of further exploratory research.


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