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King’s Theory of Goal Attainment provided the basis for this descriptive, two group comparison study design to determine if sexual assault evidence kits prepared by sexual assault nurse examiners (SANE) would be more complete than evidence kits prepared by non-sexual assault nurse examiners. A convenience sample of 100 evidence kits (41 SANE and 59 non-SANE) were analyzed using the Evidence Kit Audit Tool consisting of 18 questions that reflect the standards for submission of evidence.

The kits submitted by SANEs were significantly (t=5.6, df=71, p<.001) more complete (mean=93%) than those completed by non-SANEs (mean=77%). Corrected Chi-square comparisons of the two groups on whether or not individual items of evidence were complete indicated significant differences in 11 out of 18 items. A higher percentage of SANEs completed each item. Therefore, the hypothesis of sexual assault evidence kits prepared by a SANE will be more complete than sexual assault kits prepared by a non-SANE was supported.


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