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The purpose of this study was to seek a fuller understanding of and to identify and describe the underlying themes of the lived experiences of a parent with a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The Husserelian phenomenological and Giorgi methods of research were utilized in this study. Four meanings emerged: 1) discovery, 2) searching for control, 3) struggling for normalization/overcoming obstacles, and 4) hope. The synthesized structural description of the experience that emerged was described as an emotional experience that progressed in stages that were cyclic and ongoing in nature. The data suggests that chronic sorrow, as it has been defined by Copley & Bodensteiner (1987), is a plausible emotional phenomenon in these parents. Clinical practitioners can utilize the findings from this study to plan and implement strategies that will help these parents move toward a response that will allow them to function and cope with their situation.


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