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Social Work (M.S.W.)

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School of Social Work


This is a biographical account of a young lady who was involved with the child welfare system for eleven years. “Jill” entered foster care when she was eight years old. She was adopted by her foster parents and re-abused as a young adolescent by her adoptive father. Jill re-entered foster care, experiencing several foster homes, caseworkers and counselors. This year Jill Is one of 20,000 foster children who will assume independence from the child welfare system.

The author utilizes a qualitative method of case reporting. Interviews were conducted with Jill, former caseworkers, foster parents and therapists. In addition, a record analysis was conducted on her case file. The study is presented in the voice of Jill and others interviewed. Her life experiences are described in detail. Jill gives recommendations to improve the foster care system. Existing literature is utilized to compare Jill’s experience with other findings.

Implications for future social work practice and research are discussed.


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