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Occupational Therapy (M.S.)

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Occupational Therapy


This study investigated consumer experience and satisfaction in choosing home modifications to accommodate a disability. This study used semi-structured individual interviews and qualitative analysis to gather information from six people with disabilities concerning their experience with and opinion of home modifications. Seven significant themes emerged: a.) the importance of an adviser and self-agency in the modification process; b.) the inability of participants to distinguish OT’s contributions c.) participant’s perception of OTs as part of a uni-disciplinary team; d.) ineffective execution of environmental interventions; e.) inadequate knowledge of applicable laws, standards, and codes; f.) a disability vs. client-centered perspective, and g.) the importance of meaning in the choice of and satisfaction with modifications. A gap exists between the participant’s expressed needs and OT interventions. Client-centered practice is presented as a framework for closing this gap and expanding OT’s scope of practice.


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