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The purpose of this study was to determine if there was a relationship between support group participation by grandparent caregivers and reactions to their care-giving situation. There were 25 grandparents primarily Caucasian, and from rural areas or small towns. All were high school graduates and nearly half attended college. A descriptive correlational design was used, and the conceptual framework was Dowdell's adaptation of Given's model on caregiver strain.

No correlations were found that were statistically significant between the number of groups attended and the sub-scales of Given's Caregiver Reaction Assessment. This may have been related to the sample size. Although the subjects differed from several studies with regard to race, community, and educational levels, some findings were similar such as reasons for assumption of care and reasons grandparents sought out support.

More research is needed to determine the helpfulness of groups to be able to utilize them beneficially for referral.


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