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College of Nursing


The purpose of this study was to determine if terminally ill patients experience a change in perceived quality of life between admission to a hospice program and after having been in the hospice program for three weeks.

A repeated measures design with a convenience sample was used The sample consisted of 56 subjects who completed the Missoula-Vitas Quality of Life Index (MVQOLI). Twenty completed the second MVQOLL Data were obtained from the scores of this self-assessment tool. Data analysis included a comparison of the relationship of the first and repeated scores. No significant differences were found between the MVQOLI scores from Time 1 to Time 2.

The individual dimensions of Quality of Life (Symptom, Functional, Interpersonal, Well-Being, and Transcendence) were analyzed using the paired T-test, Chi-square and the Wilcoxon matched-pairs test A statistically significant improvement was demonstrated in the individual dimension of Transcendence.


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