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This descriptive correlational study examined the extent to which nurses in an ambulatory surgery practice environment perceive their ability to individualize patient care. As patients shift to the outpatient setting, it is important to look at the effect this may have on individualizing patient care, a concept rooted in the foundation of the profession of nursing. Registered nurses from four ambulatory surgery sites within one large health care system in western Michigan were asked to rate the frequency which they performed select nursing care actions using the 45-item .Ambulatory Individualized Care Index (AICl). modified from van Servellen's (1988a) Individualized Care Index (ICl). The organizing framework for this study is Ida Jean Orlando (Pelletier's) theory of Deliberative Nursing Process.

Scores from both the total and sub-factors of the AICI survey were on the relatively high end of the Likert-type scale suggesting that nurses do perceive that they individualize care. No significant differences in perception were found between freestanding and hospital-based practice settings. Few if any relationships were identified between age, years in practice, years in ambulatory surgery practice, or hours worked per week. A weak positive correlation was found when looking at the educational preparation of the participants.


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