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Fall 2002

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Education (M.Ed.)

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College of Education


When a teacher decides how to teach science to the classroom of individuals, the fist consideration to make is how to best meet the needs of the students. It is important to know what their prior knowledge is. A science curriculum chart would work like a checklist where the teachers would write when the student learned a science topic and how they succeeded in learning the science concept. The chart would also show education standards and benchmarks met.

The author surveyed West Michigan teachers, K-12, in order to determine if they would value the use of the chart. The teacher would have to find it useful to read the chart to find the student’s prior knowledge, but also fill out the chart for the student’s next science teacher.

The teachers found value in the science curriculum chart. The knowledge the chart gave helps to create lessons to meet the needs of every student in their classroom while meeting educational standards set by the individual school, state and nation. They also had some suggestions to improve upon it, like applying it to technology and having support in its implementation from their administrators.


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