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College of Nursing


The purpose of this study was to compare body image of adolescents with diabetes to adolescents without diabetes in order to increase the awareness of the psychological, emotional, and spiritual effects that diabetes may have on an adolescent’s consistently evolving body image. Neuman’s systems model was applied as the theoretical framework.

A Body Image Questionnaire was completed by two groups of adolescents, one group with diabetes and one group without diabetes. Both groups completed a 100 item Body Image Questionnaire (What I Think About Me). The questionnaire consisted of 45 physical traits and 55 Actors that influence or correlate to body image perception. Due to the uneven distribution of participants, (8 diabetic subjects and 34 non-diabetic subjects) the study was limited in the statistical analysis that could be performed, resulting in a descriptive analysis being done. Total mean scores were compiled for each group. The diabetic adolescent’s total mean score was 3.9428, (SD = .2086) and the non-diabetic adolescent’s total mean score equaled 3.8229, (SD = .4507), indicating both groups have more positive body image perceptions than negative.


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