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Occupational Therapy (M.S.)

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Occupational Therapy


Lateral epicondylitis is a debilitating condition that has a significantly negative effect on the occupational lives of many people. There appears to be no recognized ideal treatment method for the condition. Long-arm splinting for lateral epicondylitis has not been addressed in the literature. A case study was used to thoroughly describe one participant’s experience with long-arm splinting to treat her lateral epicondylitis. She was interviewed, observed, and measurements were taken of her affected arm’s range of motion and strength. The seven themes which were identified through these methods include a description of how her lateral epicondylitis developed, her description of the treatment used, the condition’s effect on her occupational life, her feelings about the all of the treatment, her perception that the inconveniences of the splint were worth the benefits, how she returned to her occupational performance, and how she applies her belief in the splint.


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