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Research supports a positive relationship between living-learning communities and students’ academic accomplishments and personal development. Successful communities reflect the institution’s mission, and the institution’s purpose and goals are adapted for the student population the communities serve. Living learning communities provide a sense of belonging, which is critical for students to persist in college to realize their full personal and academic potential. With limited research concerning living-learning communities and honors students, it is difficult to determine which characteristics of living-learning communities positively affect honors students. This document examines the relationship between the living-learning community (Niemeyer Living Center) and honors students at Grand Valley State University. The findings indicate honors students who participate in the Niemeyer Living Center perceive themselves to be more socially connected to their community and the campus, and are more involved in activities outside the classroom, than honors students living off-campus. The difference is less significant between honors students living in the Niemeyer Living Center and honors students living elsewhere on-campus.


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