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Criminal Justice (M.S.)

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School of Criminal Justice


The purpose of this exploratory research was two-fold: 1) an extensive literature review was conducted to discover what “police misconduct variables” have previously been researched and identified; 2) an existing early warning system (EWS) at Battle Creek Police Department (BCPD) was examined to analyze the correlation between influential variables and case outcomes. The BCPD secondary data set examined consisted of all officers involved in use of force actions, firearm discharge towards a person, vehicle pursuits, and/or citizen complaints combined, which were reported and received between January 1, 2000 and December 31, 2006 (n = 1099). The findings demonstrated statistical significance between officer race, officer gender, officer age, officer experience, use of force, vehicle pursuits, citizen complaints, and citizen gender in relation to BCPD case outcomes.


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