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Occupational Therapy (M.S.)

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Occupational Therapy


This qualitative study explored the meaningfulness of engagement in arts and crafts in one older adult who resides in an independent living facility. A narrative approach was used and one participant was purposefully selected for the study. Data was collected through the use of semi-structured interviews. Additional data sources included the participant’s book of memories, artifacts, and photos. Analysis consisted of thorough readings of the data and the development of a chronology from the participant’s stories and hook of memories. Participant feedback and peer debriefing was elicited in order to insure validity of the researcher’s findings. Consistent with narrative research, the researcher retold the participant’s story within a structure of five life stages. Within each life stage, the participant’s engagement in arts and crafts was explored. The researcher discussed conclusions regarding the meaningfulness of arts and crafts in each life stage of the participant’s life. An application of the findings was made to occupational therapy practice and suggestions for further research were proposed.


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