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Computer Information Systems (M.S.)

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School of Computing and Information Systems


This thesis describes a method of dealing with; The Feature Interaction Problem. Dr. Pamela Zave, a Fellow of the ACM and a Technology Advisor for the AT&T Software Systems Research Laboratory, first described the ‘feature interaction problem’ in her paper Feature Interactions and Formal Specifications in Telecommunications (Zave, 1993). When features are added to a base system, both expected and unexpected interactions may occur in the base system as well as in the feature. The unexpected interactions are the problem.

The feature interaction problem also occurs in software development. A methodology combining several software engineering techniques, resulting in a structure that can detect and analyze areas of interaction between system components is presented.

Use cases are modeled as a type of directed graph called an Event Driven Petri Net (EDPN). The EDPNs are then represented in a relational schema. This type of modeling allows feature interaction detection though SQL queries on the EDPN data.


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