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Nursing (D.N.P.)

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College of Nursing

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Donna E. Larson

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Mary Horan

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Faite R-P Mack


A professional profile questionnaire and a case study questionnaire depicting a child with delayed development was mailed to 200 nurses of the Michigan Nurses Association Division of Maternal and Child Health. Of the 60 respondents, 27 (45.8%) indicated a diagnosis in the category of altered development as primary diagnosis for the child and 50 (83.3%) indicated a diagnosis in this category as either primary or secondary diagnosis for the child.

Expertise scores based on level of education attained, years of experience in maternal-child health and in nursing, and experience with children were found to be significantly related to diagnosis of altered development as either a primary or secondary diagnosis, but not to identification of over 75% of the cues which had been validated with content validity experts. Additionally, nurses with greater amounts of experience in nursing diagnosis were more likely to diagnose a developmental alteration.


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