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Nursing (M.S.N.)

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College of Nursing

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Patricia Underwood

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Mary Horan

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Wayne B. Kinzie


House's Stress Paradigm provided the theoretical framework for this study which examined the relationship between job satisfaction and job stress, and the correlation of job stress with the experience of psychological symptoms in a sample of 32 critical care nurses from an urban midwestern hospital. The Brief Symptom Inventory and Atwood and Hinshaw's Nursing Job Satisfaction and Job Stress Scales were used to measure the variables. A moderately strong correlation (r = {dollar}-{dollar}.63, p =.001) was found between job satisfaction and perceived job stress. No significant relationship was found between perceived job stress and psychological symptoms. These findings suggest that job satisfaction may reduce the likelihood of people perceiving their job as stressful. Further study of the relationships between perceived job stress, job satisfaction, and psychological symptoms in critical care nurses is needed.


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