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Nursing (M.S.N.)

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College of Nursing

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Emily Droste-Bielak

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Donna Larson

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Richard Paschke


The purpose of this study was to determine what the relationship was between levels of trait and state anxiety and performance when giving intramuscular or subcutaneous injections. It was a replication of a study by Megal, Wilken, and Volcek (1987).; In May, 1990, the STAI Form Y-2 was used to assess trait anxiety of 17 students at a community college in the Midwest. State anxiety was measured by using the STAI Form Y-1 immediately before: (1) laboratory performance examinations and (2) giving first injections to clients. Instructors completed Injection Skill Check Lists to measure performance.; Students reported high levels of anxiety. No significant relationships were found between anxiety and: (1) performance scores, (2) age, or (3) length of time between experiences. A significant difference between trait and state anxiety scores was found. No significant difference between instructors and state anxiety scores or performance scores were revealed.


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