nurse-managed centers; safety net providers; nurse practitioner; primary care


This article reports on a study conducted in 2001 that examined the role of four schools of nursing (SONs) in Michigan and their challenges in serving the safety net population through primary care nurse-managed centers (NMCs). The NMCs are described and compared to community health centers (CHCs) in terms of patient mix, funding sources, and contributions SONs make as a substitute resource for federal funding to the NMCs. NMCs are frequently invisible providers in the health system, yet they serve high-need populations. Similarities and differences between NMCs and CHCs are discussed as well as the unique challenges faced by NMCs and their SONs as the result of policies that sometimes limit NMCs ability to serve safety net populations.


Original Citation: Pohl, Joanne M., Susan C. Vonderheid, Violet H. Barkauskas, and Jean Nagelkerk. "The Safety Net: Academic Nurse-Managed Centers’ Role." Policy, Politics, & Nursing Practice 5, no. 2 (2004): 84-94.