The purpose of this project is to address two contributing factors surrounding our current nutritional and environmental problems: a lack of experiential education and a lack of motivation. As a team of Grand Valley State University students, we sought to address this problem by using our diverse backgrounds to create an elective course in a local K-12 setting. The course, entitled “The Sprout Society,” will engage students through the integration of guest speakers, community service efforts, interactive technology, and art-making activities. We will establish a learning experience that encourages young adults to be aware, motivated, and involved in sustainability and food issues empowering them to make educated choices.

Through community partnerships we have begun working with our local schools and teachers. This cooperation has given us further insight into how we can collectively fill the existing void in food education. While we have met with teachers and school leaders to start forging a way, we are still actively seeking and involving many other voices throughout the community in order to incorporate additional perspectives and talents. Our ultimate goal is for this class to establish an effective way to impact our youth, motivating and empowering them to care about food justice.