This paper will look at how tax credits can help increase the affordability of health insurance among the self-employed in this country. Two of the problems involving health insurance are having enough and being able to afford it. These issues are especially true if you are part of the self-employed population in this country. Many of the self-employed have dropped health coverage or reduced it in the past few years due to rising costs About 24 million of American small business employees and their families are uninsured according to a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

The research shows that if the self-employed could afford health insurance for their employees the number of uninsured would decrease. The government needs to step in to help make health insurance affordable for the working uninsured. The government has made some proposals that would help lower the costs of health insurance such as, Health Savings Account’s, Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA’s), and President Bush’s Tax Credit Proposal. In my paper I will look at theses as options for helping the self-employed afford health insurance and give my recommendation for a tax credit proposal.

Trying to find a way to make health insurance affordable for the self-employed interests me because I have relatives who are self-employed. These relatives pay a high premium for health insurance that is not nearly as comprehensive a plan that you would get from an employer-sponsored plan. Why should someone be subjected to unfair pricing just because they have decided to work for themselves? Many of these countries corporations started out as self-employed entrepreneurs that grew. Offering the self-employed segment of the population a way to afford quality health insurance can only be done with the government’s help.