Submissions from 2013


2013 Big Data Conference Program, Big Data Conference

Applications of High Performance Statistical Computing, Daniel Hodges

Big Data: Academic Achievement; Big Data: Fitness; Big Data: SES in School Aged Children, Mary Schutten


Breakdowns in Common Statistical and Graphical Techniques for Big Data, John Gabrosek

Can “Big Data” Tell the Whole Story about Teacher Quality?, Laura Kapitula

Capabilities of the Statistics Department Analytics Server, David Zeitler

Charting Procedures for Monitoring Michigan Geospatial Data, Paul Stephenson

Curricular Initiative Regarding a Minor in Data Science, Paul Leidig, Paul Stephenson, Jonathan Leidig, Jerry Scripps, Guenter Tusch, and David Zeitler

Data Management Planning for the “Lone Wolf” Researcher, Max Eckard

Data-mining for Computational Public Health Research, Greg Wolffe

Educating the World through Data, GVSU Web Team

Examining Disparities in Food Access and Enhancing the Food Security of Underserved Populations in Michigan (FAiM), Debbie Lown

In Praise of Forgetfulness: Machine Learning for All, Jerry Scripps


Issues and Challenges: The Various V’s of Big Data, Carlos Rodríguez


Predicting Survival Probability Based on Gene Expression Levels, Daniel Frobish

Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of the myGVSU (Climate Study) Survey, Neal Rogness


Reflections on Lake Michigan Wind: A Study of Motion Compensated Laser Pulse Technology Using a Mobile Buoy Platform, Dave Zeitler, Mehmet Sozen, and Charlie Standridge

Simulations of Antibiotic Resistance: Mining the Trajectory Data, Agnieszka Szarecka

Special Collections & University Archives – From 15th Century Printing to Big Data: Challenges of Collection, Preservation, and Access into the Future, Nancy Richard

Students with Disabilities: Promoting Academic Success, Andy Baalerud


Thinking Long-Term: The Research Data Life Cycle beyond Data Collection, Analysis and Publishing, Carlos Rodríguez and Max Eckard

Very Large Digital Libraries, Jonathan Leidig


What’s Behind the Curtain? The Infrastructure Supporting Big Data, Greg Wolffe