Proline, proBA gene, Transgenic Arabidopsis, Salt stress, Feedback inhibition


Genetics and Genomics


Proline accumulation has been shown to correlate with tolerance to drought and salt stresses in plants. We attempt to introduce the wild-type, mutant, and fusion proBA genes derived from Bacillus subtilis into Arabidopsis thaliana under the control of a strong promoter cauliflower mosaic virus 35S (CaMV35S). The transgenic plants produced higher level of free proline than control and the overproduction of proline resulted in the increased tolerance to osmotic stress in transgenic plants. Besides, the mutation in proBA genes, which were proved to lead γ-glutamyl kinase (γ-GK) reduces sensitivity to the end-product inhibition and the fusion of proB and proA also result in increasing proline production and confer osmotolerance in transgenic lines.

Original Citation

Chen, M., Wei, H., Cao, J., Liu, R., Wang, Y., & Zheng, C. (2007). Expression of Bacillus subtilis proBA genes and reduction of feedback inhibition of proline synthesis increases proline production and confers osmotolerance in transgenic Arabidopsis. Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 40(3), 396–403.