glycogen, glycoCEST, magnetic resonance imaging


Analytical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques and Equipment


CEST is a molecular imaging technique that allows indirect detection of protons associated with mobile proteins. GlycoCEST is a variant of CEST for imaging tissue glycogen, the storage form of glucose. With glycoCEST, the -OH protons of glycogen are saturated, transfer the saturation to bulk water by way of chemical exchange which reduces the bulk water signal in proportion to the glycogen content. the purpose of this study was to determine the feasibility of glycoCEST imaging in human skeletal muscle at 7T. Our findings, although preliminary, suggest that glycoCEST imaging at 7T can be used to image muscle glycogen.


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Original Citation

Towse, T., Dula, A., Bearden, S., Welch, E., Joers, J., Smith, S., & Damon, B. (n.d.). In Vivo Human Skeletal Muscle Glycogen Measured by Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (GlycoCEST) and 13C MRS at 7T. 1.