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Active Calculus Multivariable is the continuation of Active Calculus to multivariable functions. The Active Calculus texts are different from most existing calculus texts in at least the following ways: the texts are freely readable online in HTML format (new in this version of Active Calculus Multivariable) and are also available for in PDF; in the electronic format, graphics are in full color; the texts are open source, and interested instructors can gain access to the original source files on GitHub; the style of the texts requires students to be active learners — there are very few worked examples in the texts, with there instead being 3-4 activities per section that engage students in connecting ideas, solving problems, and developing understanding of key calculus concepts; each section begins with motivating questions, a brief introduction, and a preview activity, all of which are designed to be read and completed prior to class; each section contains a collection of WeBWorK exercises (with solutions available in the HTML version, new in this version) followed by several challenging problems that require students to connect key ideas and write to communicate their understanding.



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