A Phonebook Application Demonstrating Active Replication using Java and Mysql

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Dr. D. Robert Adams, adams@cis.gvsu.edu

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he need for distributed databases is becoming more common for applications on the Internet such as large highly available search engines. There are also certain online applications where there is a need for requests to be processed in the exact same order on each database account such as a distributed banking application. Active Replication is a design that demonstrates both fault tolerance with multiple database accounts and totally ordered multicast so that each request is processed in the exact same order on each replicated database. For this project I have written a phonebook application in order to demonstrate this. This was implemented using Java connecting to MySQL databases.

At the height of testing the prototype had over a dozen clients simultaneous sent requests to the system with a thousand update requests each, and the system appeared to be able to handle the requests without a problem.

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