A Visualization of 2-3-4 Trees Using Jhave

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Dr. Christian Trefftz, trefftzc@gvsu.edu

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Jhave is an algorithm visualization tool, that includes a JAVA API so that one can instrument an existing Java program to visualize events of interest in the program.

2-3-4 trees are self balancing trees in which all nodes have the same depth. In many textbooks, 2-3-4 trees are used as an introduction to red-black trees.

It is possible to view binary red-black trees as 2-3-4 trees in which a certain kind of encoding is used.

A visualization for Jhave of 2-3-4 trees has been created. The presentation will include a short introduction to Jhave and 2-3-4 trees and the approach taken to instrument existing code to generate a visualization of insertions on 2-3-4 trees.

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