A Study on the Impact of Information Technology Use on Nonprofit

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Thesis Proposal


Dr. Jagadeesh Nandigam, nandigaj@gvsu.edu; Dr. Roger Ferguson, ferguson@gvsu.edu; Dr. Mark Hoffman, hoffmanm@gvsu.edu; DeDe Esque

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The benefit of the use of Information Technology (IT) in for-profits has been studied since the early 70's. These benefits, such as productivity increases, come at a price with the need for investments in resources, human capital and plans. This triangle of investments is crucial to the success of IT implementation which correlates to a positive fiscal bottom line. The study of ITs impact on nonprofits has only been recently studied, since the late 80's. It has been difficult to define and measure IT success as nonprofits have multiple bottom lines. The proposed research intends to discover what makes an IT project successful for nonprofits and why. Using triangulation as the methodology to blend three types of data to provide multiple viewpoints: focus groups and surveys; to ascertain which IT investments enhance or diminish nonprofit organization's productivity and effectiveness.

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