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Gordon Gear Gift Card POS system is a point of sale system that was created for the purpose of being able to make purchases efficiently and effectively during Gordon Food Service Annual Meeting. At the Annual Meeting, each employee receives a gift card in the amount of sixty five dollars, a gift from Gordon family. Employees have an option to use the gift card at the store that was temporarily set up at the Annual Meeting location for the sole purpose of employees to shop while they are enjoying food and entertainment. The Gordon Gear store offers a huge collection of all traditional GFS logo items. This temporary store consists of such things as, Gordon Gear apparel, sporting goods, toys, dishware, electronics, etc. If an employee chooses not to use their gift card at the temporary store created for the Annual Meeting, they have the option to spend it in any Gordon Food Marketplace Stores. When employees are done shopping, they take their purchase to one of the many cashiers. The cashier scans the item, then the point of sale Gift Card POS system calculates the amount owed by the employee and provides options for the employee to make payment, either by gift card, payroll deduction, or both. Once verified by the employee that the purchase items are correct, system process transactions real time to Gordon Food Service database.

Thousands of employees are making purchases with their card at the same time, which can cause a lot of chaos. Before this solution, the checkout application was a desktop application written in Visual Basic. Visual basic is no longer supported by Microsoft and newer operating system does not support Visual Basic installation, which is why another solution had to be implemented. This is why Web Gordon Gear POS system was created. Web Gordon Gear Apparel presentation layer written with the newest technologies, AngularJS, html5 and deployed under Weblogic 12c application server and followed top 10 Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) guidelines.