Accelerated Profitability Analysis and Reporting on SAP HANA Cloud: A Use Case Analysis

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CIS Masters Student


Dr. Paul Leidig, leidig@gvsu.edu

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This paper undertakes a detailed study of cloud computing and ERP systems and discusses the theories behind cloud hosted systems over traditional implementation with the former being more cost effective for small and medium organizations. Current research focuses on the core cost issues of SAP HANA, ERP systems and give the solution based on cloud computing and presented each of the topics elaborately and a critical literature review gets to the heart of the research topic. SAP HANA COPA Application on a cloud environment is concisely presented in this report.

This research adopts quantitative research to determine the selected consultants views on Cloud SAP HANA solution. Through the use of questionnaires, data was collected from IBM India and DELL India for analysis at the later stage. As part of the quantitative analysis, data are presented in the form of charts and tables to show comparison of consultant responses. The report also presents the SAP HANA COPA application development that gives the information required for the new developer to create similar applications.

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