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Dr. Yonglei Tao,

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The goal of this project is to develop a web application which will provide users a platform to share home cooked food. Today in fast pace busy life, it is nearly impossible to get started in meal preparation after returning home from work. Many a times we are away from our homes travelling or staying away for different reasons. Having food that is inferior to home food and compromising on fast food or restaurant food have resulted in diseases that were rare few decades back. Increasing obesity, diabetes or other metabolic diseases could be significantly controlled with good and healthy food habits. Therefore, to provide quality and healthy food as if it was from one’s own kitchen, this web application provides an easy solution where the healthy home food seeker “foodie” could interact with home food provider “cook”. This application is built in ASP.NET framework using MVC (Model View Controller) development model and requires SQL Server. This application brings an easy to use interface so that the provider user could share the food they have prepared in their kitchen with the price they want to sell it and the service receiver user could search the food they would like to eat and locate the cook in geographical proximity. Both users - cook and foodie have their dedicated user accounts to keep track of their food listings, order history and transactions. This web application brings its own advantage to both users- foodie and cook and thus will provides immense business opportunity to the service provider launching this ecommerce web application.