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It is highly unlikely for anyone who has spent at least 10 minutes strolling through the campus or wandering through the campuses to miss GVSU’s love for beautiful Art. The walls and open spaces of all the six campuses are adorned with works of Art. Art from talent ranging from GVSU faculty, students, and alumni; to regional Michigan artists; to nationally and internationally renowned artists.

GVSU’s collection boasts of more than 12000 pieces of art. There is a unique diversity among the artwork types, like public sculpture, prints and drawings, American Impressionism, Aboriginal art, Indian art, world photography, contemporary art, and more.

Art at GVSU v2 is an update to an already well built version 1 of the app. One of the main features of the Art at GVSU app is to let Faculty, Students and, in general, users to easily find artwork and more information regarding the artwork. But the app is not just limited to information of specific artwork.


Art at GVSU allows users to Browse through the entire catalog of artwork just by drilling down to the

specific building and the floor the artwork us located


Users can search the whole collection using the artwork name or even get all the artwork by a certain



Pre-configured tours that take you on a journey or tell a story with a select collection of artwork. This

feature also can be used to help Faculty with arranging tours for their students


Users can now save their favorite artwork to the app on their phone for easier, faster access

The latest version uses Swift, Apple’s new programming language for developing iOS Applications. This app is also built on the updated, much improved, JSON API from Collective Access, the software framework behind GVSU Art Gallery