Personal Book Editing & Contect Uploading Website

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CIS Masters Student


Dr. Jonathan Engelsma, jonathan.engelsma@gvsu.edu

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For my Master’s Project, I created a Personal Book Editing and Content Uploading Web Application using Ruby on Rails technology. I have been working on a science fiction book titled, ‘The Magical Arithmancy Battles’ and sharing it with my readers via Google Docs. While the book was small, it was easy for readers and myself to navigate and edit certain parts but as the book grew in volume, editing chapters grew difficult and tiresome. Therefore, I designed a customized website to help solve this issue and also facilitate easier and quicker navigation, benefitting both readers and myself. The website has features that allow quick chapter uploads, easy edits and deletions, possesses reader comment functionality and permits markdown usage in chapters by implementing a visual editor. The website is also responsive, thus allowing users to read the chapter contents using different devices.

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