Process Reporting Information Monitoring System (PRIMS.NET)

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Dr. Jagadeesh Nandigam, nandigaj@gvsu.edu

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The Process Reporting Information Monitoring System (PRIMS.NET) is a Human Machine Interface (HMI) that is to be provided with custom industrial machines built by Progressive Technologies, Inc. PRIMS.NET is a Microsoft Windows Application written using Visual Studio 2008 in VB.NET. The machines that this HMI will be used with are controlled by common industrial CNCs (Computer Numerical Controllers) including those manufactured by Fanuc and Siemens to control multi-axes robotic equipment. The goal of this project was to continue the development initiated as part of an independent study last year, in which a CNC part program editor was ported from VB6 to .NET using object oriented programming techniques and patterns. This project adds several additional features to the CNC part program editor and embeds the application within an existing HMI skeleton as a class library (dll). This versatile CNC part program editor provides several customizable special features using ADO.NET to access data objects in a Microsoft Access database. These features include: a user programmable tool bar for inserting specific CNC code, a flexible CNC dependent intellisense or auto complete similar to the intellisense within Microsoft Visual Studio, syntax sensitive colorization, color printing with optional headers and footers, and flexible search and replace with options for using wildcards and regular expressions.

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