Graphical Log Analyzer

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CIS Masters Student


Dr. D. Robert Adams; adamsr@gvsu.edu

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In an automotive embedded system Inter Process Communication (IPC) messages are exchanged between various software modules. These messages (or signals) are exchanged at high frequencies and recorded in a text-based log file. Unfortunately, this format is generally tedious to read and difficult to analyze. Graphical Log Analyzer is a tool, which parses the debug, logs (output) from an automotive embedded system and converts them into a graphical representation so they can become easily understandable for system debugging purpose. Graphical Log Analyzer parses the software modules names and message names, and identifies the direction of message transmission and the end point of reception. It then generates a “.diag” file that is processed by the seqdiag too to produce sequence-diagram. This visual representation of software module exchanges allows developers to more easily debug complex embedded software issues.

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