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Dr. D. Robert Adams;

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Swappy is a puzzle game that requires different character tokens to cooperatively navigate a maze to reach their goals. Swappy characters are special in that whenever they are collinear with another character, they may swap places. In practice, generating levels manually may take upwards of 20 hours, and is error prone. By employing Answer Set Programming (ASP), it is possible to generate and constrain level creation such that levels are solvable, meet an aesthetic standard, and follow the rules of the game. Using the grounder/solver tool, Clingo, level creation can be done in a matter of seconds or minutes. The expressive power of rules and constraints allows the developer to more clearly see their game for the abstract ruleset that it is. In this project we explore the use of ASP Prolog to generate artifacts useful for level generation for the puzzle game Swappy - finding succinct and expressive ways to do so compared to traditional programming languages.