Open Source Customizable Cloud Based CRM

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CIS Masters Student


Dr. Jagadeesh Nandigam; nandigaj@gvsu.edu

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Any type of product based or service-based industry which has customer like entity irrespective of the size and domain of the industry has to handle their services using customer relationship management (CRM) platform. CRM mainly involve the Sales, Marketing, Service based business these kinds of business will be automated in CRM apps. Most part of CRM business are similar in any type of industry having similar entities at the same time each industry has its own business process and how these entities are defined as well how they communicated between them is different.

So, an industry can develop such CRM app either from the scratch by themselves or be a part of organization which provides CRM apps which can be customizable. This project aims to develop on such application using cloud computing principle providing IaaS, SaaS and PaaS which would fulfil rapid development of CRM application.

As part of this project we will be developing an opensource CRM which will straight away give a predefined CRM application to customer with certain standard CRM business process already established in it and ability to define more object and custom business rules by the organization using multi tenancy architecture there by managing single database for all organization but restricting the data at organization level maintaining multi-tenant data model.

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