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ACS Masters Student


Dr. Yonglei Tao,

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Transport, goods and services


Logistics management is an integral part of supply chain management system that coordinates and optimizes the entire logistic activities by integrating its functionalities with other businesses like marketing, sales, and information technology. It mainly includes inbound and outbound transportation of goods and services which generally involves custom clearance while transporting them internationally.

The proposed approach provides an enterprise customs brokerage software solution that enables the goods and services companies to automate customs compliance documentation for the shipment of their product across the world. The normal custom clearance process includes a vast amount of paperwork which generally takes few hours to complete. However, by using the software proposed in this project the whole process can be completed in lesser amount of time as clearance and entry/exit of freight is handled electronically. The major goal of designing this software is to provide the solution for customs brokers who majorly handles international shipments on behalf of their customers.

The new functionalities which are added in the system as part of this project includes the addition of item detail such as its dimension detail, customs detail for all the countries, country details in which it generally gets shipped, import details, export details etc. This new feature helps the customers to fetch large amount of data from the pre-existing product which has been shipped earlier and it automatically fills the declaration service forms which is nearly eighty pages of information when followed traditional way. It saves lot of time for the customers while shipping the products at the Customs borders all around the world.