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CIS Masters Student


Dr. Yonglei Tao,

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Disease Navigation, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python Django framework, SQLite


Telemedicine is in the current line of requirements of modern society. Automated symptom-based disease detection and appointment booking is a well-known research topic in the field of informatics and system design. That helps in elevating awareness and early detection of disease at the ease of home through appointment booking.

The purpose of the application is the capability to articulate disease symptoms, gathering all relevant information of the patient and a recommendation system that eventually evaluates all symptoms and maps effectively to a specialty department. Using the natural language processing-based approach, the user can input text of symptoms to be mapped with Google Search API and then finally parse them and generate recommendations based on the user input. Then it enables the user to choose a doctor and book an appointment based on the availability of that doctor.

The application is developed by using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build the front end and using microservice API exposed as REST built with the Django Python framework to build the back end. Using an SQLite database for the back end of the application helps to store the data locally and makes the application functional. In addition, appointment booking, and disease recommendation are two inevitable features from an end-user perspective.