Developing, Deploying and Analyzing Mobile Applications in the Wild

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Dr. Jonathan Engelsma, jonathan_engelsma@gvsu.edu

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Mobile applications have gained increasing attention lately and are having a significant impact on everyday life. Mobile phone usage is increasing, and many of the use cases now involve applications and not just voice dialing. This project seeks to gain experience developing and deploying a mobile application on GVSU’s campus. The application is called GVSU Laker Mobile and the project covered many facets of the development and deployment of modern mobile applications. GVSU Laker Mobile has features such as campus news, a campus directory, tweets, media and maps. This paper presents the architecture and implementation of the application on Google’s Android platform. Many challenges, which were identified and addressed during the process of this project, are described in the paper. In the course of this project the application was officially released on the Android Market and now has hundreds of active users. This project provides a case study on developing and deploying mobile applications. We will also describe how Google Analytics Bridge library is being used to analyze the mobile application with an aim of getting real data about how the users are using the application, as well as suggestions for future work.

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