Faculty Development, Teacher Educators, Coaching (Performance), Cognitive Processes, Reflection, Teacher Improvement, Peer Teaching, Planning, Collegiality, Program Effectiveness, Journal Writing, Communities of Practice, Mentors


Education | Teacher Education and Professional Development


This paper describes a faculty development project in which 12 teacher educators used the Cognitive Coaching model to engage in critical reflections about their teaching. Each identified an aspect of their teaching they wanted to improve and a colleague to serve as coach. Participants engaged in Cognitive Coaching cycles, consisting of planning and reflecting conferences. These experiences uncovered the promise and challenges of nurturing faculty development through Cognitive Coaching. Preliminary findings indicate that the educators’ participation facilitated professional collegiality, personal self-renewal, and pedagogical improvement, suggesting that Cognitive Coaching has the potential to be an effective approach to faculty development.

Original Citation

Bair, M. A. (2017). Faculty Development Through Cognitive Coaching. The Journal of Faculty Development, 31(3), 79–86.