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Research shows that anxiety is prevalent among adolescent students. Research has also revealed the powerful impact mindfulness programs can have on student anxiety levels. School counselors are uniquely positioned to educate students on skills that can help them manage their emotions and improve their well-being. Therefore, this project offers school counselors a ready-to-use collaborative three-tiered plan that introduces ninth grade students to mindfulness skills, as a way to manage anxious feelings. Included is a collaboration plan that guides school counselors through all the steps that should lead to a successful collaboration. The Tier 1 plan includes a classroom lesson plan that is intended to target all ninth-grade students. The Tier 2 plan includes five small group outlines that are intended to reach 6-10 students. Finally, the Tier 3 plan offers a sample individual intervention plan that is intended to target only a few students. Additionally, this project includes an advocacy presentation which school counselors can add outcomes from their interventions to both showcase their work and advocate for school-wide training for all faculty members in mindfulness.

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