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DIBELS Next is frequently used as a universal screening and progress monitoring tool within a Response to Intervention (RTI) framework. Unfortunately, some misguided educational professionals are not utilizing the assessments as they have been intended, resulting in defective instructional practices and faulty decision-making. In order for DIBELS to be used effectively, teachers must have advanced knowledge regarding assessment practices, understand data analysis and interpretation, and deliver instruction that can positively influence the reading development of at-risk learners. The intent of this project is to provide educators with an understanding of the appropriate uses and limitations of DIBELS. Additionally, this project sets out to align each DIBELS subtest with its corresponding literacy construct. The concepts of phonemic awareness, phonics, and reading fluency are fully defined and general instructional recommendations are provided for each. Finally, a sample of teaching strategies that can be utilized to support the needs of students experiencing difficulties in each of these areas is highlighted.

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