speech, talk-reflexive words, linguistics


Communication | Critical and Cultural Studies | Speech and Rhetorical Studies


The present exploration examines the everyday capability to talk about talk by considering mainly the use of a particular word-type, what I shall be calling 'about talk' words. As an important note, the reader of this text should observe that almost all the sentences within this paper (except for quotations) embody 'about talk'. But, rather than continue to distract the reader by underlining every instance, I shall highlight (i.e., underline) only within the first two paragraphs of this essay all of these definite references to the verbal order. As for the other sentences, paragraphs, and pages, the reader is strongly encouraged to look for all the manifestations of this statement on words about words. Hopefully these brief preliminary statements provide an enticement to more serious considerations of this phenomenon.

Original Citation

Anton, C. (1998). “About Talk: The category of talk-reflexive words,” Semiotica, 121, (3/4), 193-212.