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Nursing (D.N.P.)

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College of Nursing


Obesity is a significant cause of chronic disease affecting 34% of American adults. Obesity costs $147 billion annually, yet it is rarely treated as aggressively as the associated chronic diseases. This process improvement was conducted to address the barriers to effective and adequate strategies to promote weight management among obese adults in the primary care environment.

Utilizing the Six Sigma framework, a comprehensive assessment of a primary care setting was conducted. Electronic patient health records were utilized to establish the prevalence of obesity in this practice. The barriers and facilitators of obesity treatment were identified through a provider survey. The effectiveness of current practices was evaluated by performing a chart review. Internal and external resources were identified and a cost analysis of practices was performed.

A comprehensive review of best practices led to identification of strategies for overcoming the barriers to obesity treatment, promoting effective interventions for obesity and reduction of the associated chronic disease burden. It is essential to optimize current resources in order to achieve the “Triple Aim:” better care, better health, less cost.