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Nursing (D.N.P.)

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College of Nursing

First Advisor

Dr. Christina Quick

Second Advisor

Dr. Sandra Spoelstra

Third Advisor

Dr. Kim Fenbert

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Objectives: In a small, rural pediatric primary care clinic, the effectiveness of electronic patient portal reminders were evaluated at improving vaccination rates for school required immunizations.

Methods: A quality improvement project was initiated utilizing The Social Ecological Model. All pediatric patients were sent reminders who were under-immunized. This QI project evaluated the effectiveness of vaccine reminders on the improvement of immunization rates in the clinic

Results: Total number of fully-vaccinated patients within the practice improved (2%) and patients under-immunized decreased by 1%. 87 immunizations were given to patients were given to patients who were under-immunized and an average of 10% of recorded un-vaccinated patient prior to intervention received at least one immunization.

Conclusions: Implementation of vaccine reminders into a rural primary care pediatric practice improved patient compliance with school-required vaccines. Although immunization rates improved, the practice continues to see higher rates of under-immunized patients compared to state reporting data.

Key Words: Vaccines, improvement, pediatric, primary care, portal reminder, vaccination rates