Wolverine CAG Timeline on PFAS


Wolverine, Wolverine Worldwide, Plainfield Township, Rockford, Wolverine CAG, polyfluoroalkyl substances, PFAS, contamination, water quality, toxicity, community activists, EPA, DEQ, EGLE, CCRR, GVSU, history, chronology, timeline, interactive, living document


Environmental Studies


This work, an interactive timeline created to display the history of Wolverine Worldwide's tannery site in Plainfield Township, Michigan, includes important events such as the company's introduction of the popular Hush Puppies shoe brand, major Scotchgard sludge dumping sites in the Rockford area, community activist efforts, and legal actions taken against the company. MLIVE articles and Lynn McIntosh, a Plainfield Township community member, were the primary sources for information included here. The document was submitted to members of the Wolverine CAG to update the document as news becomes available. The timeline was constructed with the assistance of Dr. Rick Rediske of GVSU and our instructor Nancy O'Neill for a project in the course ENS 201 Environmental and Sustainability Studies.


This paper was a product of ENS 201 Introduction to Environmental Sustainability