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Cities: Departure and Deviation


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Arts and Humanities


I have been honored with an invitation to exhibit my recent project "Cities: Departure and Deviation" at the international Art Fair, Art Miami, Miami, FL, December 1-10, 2012. Heller Gallery and Art Miami are covering all publicity for the project including an advertisement in the exhibition catalog. As an exhibitor, Heller Gallery was invited to submit work for the new curated public space project at Art Miami. Heller Gallery submitted my project for the opportunity and it was accepted by a committee of outside international curators. Over 40,000 collectors, curators, and art enthusiasts attend Art Miami. Heller Gallery requested I be available to install and de-install my project as well as meet and present my work to curators and collectors. Exhibiting "Cities: Departure and Deviation" at Art Miami will create significant and productive international visibility for my creative work.

Conference Name

Art Miami International Art Fair

Conference Location

Miami, FL

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