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32nd National Conference


Hospitality & Tourism Management Department


College of Community and Public Service




The purpose of this study was to describe what RCRA member and non-member operations look like and secondly to analyze the data comparatively to see if the type of department, size, and profitability structure impact the reported compensation rates. The survey was sent to all RCRA professional members, as well as 1,500 non-member agencies. Initial findings suggest most of the respondents reported working at hotel resorts (47.2%) followed by HOA/POA organizations (18.9%) and condo resorts (5.6%) and timeshares resorts (5.6%). The size of the properties varied from 77 units to 2,300 units. About 40% of the respondents reports having 6 20 subordinates while about 25% reported fewer subordinates and 35% reported having more than 20 subordinates. Further analysis including the impacts of these variables on the compensation levels of members is ongoing.

Conference Name

32nd National Conference

Conference Location

St. Pete Beach, Florida

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